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Tap Into Grain Nutrients w/ Onion and Garlic

As posted yesterday in’s blog by Monica Reinagel, research from India has found that when onion or garlic is eaten with grains, it allows us to better absorb the sometimes shy nutrients zinc and iron. Grains have something called phytic acid, or phytate, that can prevent these minerals from being absorbed normally. However, onion and garlic eaten with grains allowed the body to better absorb these nutrients, which can be hard to come by – especially for non-meat eaters.

Since garlic and onion go together so well with so many types of foods, it certainly doesn’t hurt to incorporate either of these food friends into sandwiches, as well as rice, pasta and other grain-based dishes/foods.


Jamie Oliver Awarded $100,000 to Improve Americans’ Diets

We’ve long been enamored with “The Naked Chef” Jamie Oliver (can you blame us?).

So we couldn’t have been more thrilled when he decided to take on the monumental task of improving Americans’ diets, beginning with the residents of Huntington, West Virgina.

To help him accomplish his goal, CNN reported today that Jamie was awarded with a $100,000 grant by the nonprofit group TED. In his acceptance speech, Jamie said it is his wish “to have a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about food, to inspire families to cook again and to empower people everywhere to fight obesity.”

We can’t wait to see how Jamie puts the award money to good use. Jamie, we just hope you rely on registered dietitians to help your wish come true. And if you’re recruiting, we know two dietitians who’d be happy to help you out!