Interesting Take on Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution”

Marion Nestle made some really great points in a recent blog post about Jamie Oliver’s 6-part show, “Food Revolution.”

She noted that, despite a lot of outcry by folks – especially those entrenched in trying to improve school or child nutrition themselves – this show is a “win” for her. Why? Because it’s TV. And it brings attention to the weaknesses of federal/local nutrition programs and the poor eating habits so many in the U.S. adopt. It inspires people to think more about the food they eat and to get more excited about cooking. All this with his positive, fun attitude. Let’s face it: considering French fries as a vegetable is an issue.

Regardless of how Jamie’s televised intervention actually turns out, it’s the focus the problems, trying to fix them and the “We can change this!” positivity that we applaud.


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