Marion Nestle Article on Let’s Move! Campaign

As highlighted in her own blog post this weekend, Marion Nestle wrote an article(ran this past weekend) in the San Francisco Chronicle about the First Lady’s Let’s Move! campaign.

For those of you who are familiar with Dr. Nestle, she is particularly critical of industry’s influence on food, nutrition and communication of the two. She also thinks critically in terms of food politics and programs and often plays devil’s advocate in terms of noticing their weaknesses and potential pitfalls. However, Dr. Nestle herself noted:

“Skeptic that I usually am, I have nothing but applause for Michelle Obama’s decision to adopt childhood obesity as the first lady’s official cause.”

Using the help of the barometer of Dr. Nestle, it does appear that this widely-supported movement is different than the ones before. Perhaps it has what it takes to really put this childhood (and adult) obesity epidemic on its head … or at least lay it sideways!


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