School Nutrition Regulation Mumblings

While nothing is for sure, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) noted in a release yesterday that noted a bipartisan agreement is likely that will not just address school meals but also other foods sold in schools (in vending machines, a la cart lines, etc.) when school nutrition standards are revised this year. This agreement reportedly has industry leader and health group support.

There is a bit of an issue if school meals are revised to have more rigorous standards, but there are vending machines and a la cart lines that continue to offer “junk.” We think including all foods and beverages sold in schools would be a really positive step for promoting student nutrition.

There certainly has been a push to reduce childhood obesity while altering food products and what’s offered in schools. Earlier this week, First Lady Michelle Obama also implored the Grocery Manufacturers Association to stop “selling junk and fattening kids up” and to avoid reformulating products that remove one negative nutrient (e.g., fat) only to replace another (sugar or salt) (our translation). As noted in a post from earlier this week, PepsiCo has just made a policy that will stop selling full-sugar soft drinks in schools across the globe.


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