Women Who Drink More Have Less Bulge?

A study published in today’s issue of Archives of Internal Medicine analyzed nearly 20,000 women and found that women who didn’t drink gained the more weight over a 13 year period than women who drank one to two drinks per day.

However, don’t go out and get a straw to stick in your box of wine just yet.

While we can’t prove anything (and this study can’t prove any sort of cause and effect relationship between drinking and weight), we suspect there are several background factors related to the outcome.

For example, we would guess that women who have moderate, reasonable alcohol consumption are likely able to enjoy life’s little pleasures in moderation. Completely restricting yourself of good food or drink can lead to overindulging later. And overdoing it on a regular basis can obviously cause problems. Perhaps these gals had mastered the art of moderation and enjoying their sips and bites? It’s definitely a great lesson – all foods can fit in moderation!


3 responses to “Women Who Drink More Have Less Bulge?

  1. Could really be individual. I hate wine and barely drink. Maybe 2-4 drinks a year. I haven’t gained weight or increased in clothing size since the 7th grade.

    • That’s a great point. I think it can be misleading, too, what just ONE study can find, no matter how credible it is.

      • I really believe that every body is different, and weight gain could be for several reasons. It could be refined sugars, or refined salts in the diet, even an allergy to wheat. Genetic predisposition. I noticed I had skin problems that are going away now that I’ve stopped eating any sugars. (natural or refined). The body is pretty delicate and strong.

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